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Tekoha.Org is a non-profit oriented project, formed by a group of passionate ambassadors from several countries as well as an amazing community across the globe. We want to see and inspire together positive changes in the way we treat each other and our planet. It is in our hands to change.

Tekoha Principles

what moves us forward

Minimalism &  Responsible

Engage a more conscious demand for products, and promote the reutilization of resources.


Drive a technological agenda with sustainable solutions for a cleaner environment and better communities for all.

Collectivity &  Equality

Encourage the development of a fair, integrating and collaborative society/economy.


Inspiring Each Other

 one world-vision

Our main mission is to bring together passionate and enthusiastic people worldwide to share best practices and inspire innovative ideas for a better world now and for future generations. A world and community that is more collaborative, sustainable, and fair.  A world-vision we call Tekoha.

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel to experience and learn more about the ideas and theories that inspire us. New videos posted regularly with multilingual subtitles.


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It is all about Sharing!

it is all about sharing!

Engage in our digital channels and enrich yourself with interesting content, stories, articles, videos, and more.

 Also actively share with the community your own meaningful content by tagging #tekoha or @tekoha.org - helping plenty of people learn and grow more.

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Share Your Contribution

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Participate in our series of short video-clips "Share your Contribution", in which people worldwide like Sara (Switzerland) and Steffen (Germany) share their own stories of how they contribute to a better world.​

The stories range from small habits at home with your family and friends to innovative projects at your own business or organization.