Be the Change

Have you ever asked yourself what really bothers you in the world? And if you could somehow change it?
Well, we have asked ourselves and came up with three "things" that bother us a lot:

 Irresponsible Consumption

Industrialization has definitely given us an ocean of opportunities in terms of new technologies that have significantly improved our quality of life. However, we currently consume too much. And in order to support this growing consumption, resources are of course being taken from Nature, that is already giving signals of despair. Forests are disappearing. Hurricanes. Droughts. Global Warming is real. We are simply destroying our own home with our own limitless consumption and greed. Do we really need to consume this much? Can our demands be in better balance with the environment?


Wide Inequality

Unfortunately, there are significant gaps between people in the world. Wealth inequality. Gender, racial, ethnic discrimination...not forgetting all of the other important forms of inequality from basic opportunities such as education and health to housing and social security. All of which is enjoyed by a minimal percentage of the population. Is this really fair? We do believe in the concept of meritocracy, however for that to work we need a fair system that provides a balanced foundation where everyone has the chance to follow and achieve their dreams. Can't we have this?


Detrimental Individualism

We are taught in our schools and universities, and demanded in our workplace that we always need to be better than our classmates, colleagues and friends. Competition is the sovereign ruler. Some may agree that by creating this intense competition, we may increase innovation and economic development, but aren't we forgetting and losing the sense of collaboration and collectivity? Is this "wild individualism" positive or in detriment of overall society? Can't individual success be intrinsically more related to collective achievements?

Tekoha.Org Project

In all of those issues, not only the current situation is critical, but the trends don't seem very promising. We want to reverse these negative trends. And this is how the Tekoha.Org project has emerged. We are a non-profit oriented initiative, formed by a group of passionate ambassadors, strongly committed to Tekoha guiding principles.

Minimalism &  Responsible

We want to engage a more conscious demand for products, and promote the reutilization of resources.


We want to drive a technological agenda with sustainable solutions for a cleaner environment and better communities.

Collectivity &   Equality

We want to encourage the development of a fair, integrating and collaborative society/economy.

How can we achieve all this?

We strongly believe that as a whole, we can inspire each other and make the necessary positive changes. And that is our main mission: to bring together passionate and enthusiastic people worldwide to share best practices and inspire innovative ideas for a better world now and for future generations.

Our Vision, the Tekoha

A world and community that is more collaborative, sustainable, and fair. 

A world-vision we call Tekoha.